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my comments to the Madison School Board last week

Hello. My name is XXXX XXXXX and I have children at XXXX Elementary and XXXX Middle schools this year. I am speaking to you because I am one among many parents and families who are increasingly concerned about staff morale and teacher attrition in our schools. When I read the Strategic Framework on the MMSD website, as I have done over and over again, I find nothing to disagree with in that document. Of course every school needs great teachers, shared leadership, high-quality professional development, and partnership with families to succeed! Who can argue with that? But those bullet points in the Strategic Framework do not fully reflect what we see, not at the schools where my kids attend, and not at other schools where I know families and teachers. We see teachers who are professionally confined by rigid schedules and boxed curricula. They are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to engage in meaningful collaboration with their colleagues. They are sometimes in unsafe classro

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