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I'm kind of in a funk and don't feel like writing tonight, but I'm afraid if I put it off, it will be too late. So here goes. 

I have a pretty good track record with witnessing rare celestial events. I had the good fortune to be in Salzburg, Austria in 1999 during the total eclipse there (which I saw from atop a monastery). A few years later, my dad organized a camping excursion to a Boy Scout camp in Kentucky so we could all see the transit of Venus at the crack of dawn (though we were all awakened several hours earlier by a damn whippoorwill - who knew those things were so loud?). And about two years ago we walked to the neighborhood park to see the lunar eclipse and blood moon, letting the kids stay up late, even though it was a school night. 

Of course, the solar eclipse of 2017 was not to be missed. 

We drove to Illinois to see it. Stuart had the forethought to order those special glasses and book a hotel room a few months ago. Our plan was to drive most of the way there…

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