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Charlottesville. The news is dizzying and horrifying. I've not been able to tear myself away from all the reports and commentary and analysis and all the awful awful things 45 is saying, and by now I'm feeling wrung out from it all and impatient with everything and everyone around me. If it weren't for going trail running the last two days, I might have snapped by now.

Rather than focus on my own feelings, however, I think it's best to channel this emotion and energy into constructive action. I've been contemplating what areas I can best be an advocate for change. I do little things. I bought a Nasty Woman t-shirt from Samantha Bee to support Planned Parenthood. I call my senators' offices on a fairly regular basis these days, and I did so again this week, but I'm not sure how effective that really is. 
I've come to realize that the public institution I am most familiar with, in which I have an actual, real connection with and potential influence on, and …

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