a week

It's hard to believe we arrived back home just a week ago. The last several days have been spent adjusting back to our time zone (jet lag is a bitch), finding/establishing/stumbling towards a summer routine, slapping mosquitoes, cooking all the local produce we missed while we were away, and generally trying not to get bored. Re-entry is hard. We're all a little tender. I've also got three gigs over the next two weeks and learning music with the kids around 24/7 is a challenge. 

Eh, it could be worse. I just need to find my rhythm.

Enjoy a few more photos of Norway in the meantime. I need to choose a few to have printed out nice and large and hang on the dining room wall.


Hiking up Lomseggen 

We found a little stone hut partway up the mountain.

View from the top was incredible.

Hiking up Nonshaug:

That's the town of Lom down below.

Back in Oslo, I was thoroughly charmed by a community garden punctuated with graffiti not far from our airbnb:

Compost bin.

There is a very fun climbing park in Ekeberg Park in Oslo. We spent a couple hours there:


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