Friday, June 16, 2017


What we've seen of Norway is incredible. Today we drove from Oslo to Lom so we can spend a few days hiking in the mountains. Just walking around this little town makes the jaw drop with wonder. Also, it's chilly. I'm frantically knitting another hat so everyone will have on when we go to Jotenheimen National Park tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


So, we're in Norway. I've been blogging so sporadically I forgot to mention we were going. So far today we've walked about 10 miles and are trying to shed the rest of the jet lag. We're enjoying Oslo for the next day or so. What a city. I could live here, if only I spoke Norwegian and earned a bazillion dollars (or Kroner) a year.

Here are a few pictures from today:

Getting silly at the Vigeland sculpture garden.
There were lots and lots and lots of sculptures of naked people at the Vigeland sculpture park.

Not that you can tell, but this picture was taken at the site of a Medieval fortress.
Daniel peers into a canon. That monstrosity in the background is a cruise ship.

View from the medieval fortress.

The Oslo opera house, where you can walk all over the slanted roof.

Thursday, June 01, 2017


We're down to the last week of school before the kids are out for the summer, which means that most of the teachers and all of the students already gave up on anything resembling academic work a while back and it's all about pizza parties and celebrations and trying to stave off the anxiety of starting middle school in a few short months.

Several of Daniel's friends were in a leadership group (he was not, for some reason), and he told me that these kids had an end-of-year celebration that involved not the fun field day they thought they were promised, but instead a pizza party and a viewing of some lame movie. I told him that when I was in fifth grade, we sometimes got to watch film strips and that it was a real treat. I distinctly remember watching a film strip of A Wrinkle in Time in 5th grade, and that my friend Christie had to sit out in the hallway because her family was religious and thought the book included witchcraft and was therefore inappropriate. (Madeline L'Engle was a devout Catholic, so I'm not sure what went wrong for them there...)

If you want to feel old, try explaining what a film strip is to an 11yo in the year 2017. I told him how my teacher had to set up a projector and change the picture every time the cassette tape beeped. Then I had to explain what a cassette tape was because he's too young to have seen one. Kids his age are too young to have used CDs, even. 

Anyway, Daniel thought my description of a film strip was hysterical. "It's...what's that word, mom? Antique?" No, not antique, not that old, I said. Vintage, maybe. Or old school. "Prehistoric. That's what I meant. Prehistoric."