Are you wearing green today?

I'm not wearing green (yet) but don't even think about pinching me.

Daniel and I are in Syracuse, NY for a few days so that I can do a St. Patrick's Day recital with my friend Pam. It's been lovely seeing her again, and we're staying with her mom, who has made me feel right at home and has done some babysitting while we rehearse.

Unfortunately, I'm sick. I don't like to complain about physical ailments on this blog, but this weekend has been quite the challenge. Daniel's getting over a cold, so when I woke up Thursday morning with a tickle in my throat, I thought that's all I was getting. I started shivering at the end of the first leg of the flight out here, and by the time we landed in the Detroit airport, I was feeling heady and feverish and generally like crap. What do you do when you have to carry a 20+ pound child and two large carry-on bags halfway across an airport when you feel like you've been freshly run over by a Mack truck? Well, you just do it and hope you don't faint. We got to our gate for the flight to Rochester, and I wanted nothing more than to melt into that airport chair and never, ever get up again. Daniel had other ideas, namely trotting around the gate area holding a Ziploc baggie containing a dirty spoon and the uneaten half of his banana, and saying to anyone who would listen, "ah-na! ah-na!"

To make a long story short, I arrived in one piece, but two days later I'm still fighting this thing. It appears that with the help of many, many fine over-the-counter drugs (specifically, the generic version of Tylenol Cold and Flu), I will live. I just hope I don't give this nasty little virus to the woman who has to, you know, sing.


Animal said…
Ugh. Sick AND in Detroit Metro! The worst. Feel better!
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I'm sorry you're sick. Here's a spot of humor to help cheer you on your way to health.

Today, I'm wearing my favorite green T-shirt. My roommate gave it to me swearing the manufacturer must know me.

It reads:
I removed my first comment because I noticed a nasty grammatical error. Ugh! Bad Jenn, bad!

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