winter blues

I am so ready for spring. It's cold (-4 this morning), too cold to take the kids anywhere that isn't absolutely essential, and it keeps snowing. And snowing. And snowing. I realize this is just life in Wisconsin, but I'm beginning to understand why all those wealthy retirees buy RVs and run off to Florida every winter.

There's nothing really wrong with me other than a mix of cabin and spring fevers. I really shouldn't complain, because this week I've had some visitors and some good chats on the phone with my parents and various friends, so all things considered I can't claim to be lacking in adult interaction. Still, the never-ending housework and constant baby-holding and interrupted sleep, combined with sucky winter weather, is getting me a little down.

I think part of the problem is that I'm still in that post-partum fog where you barely remember who you are or what you're like. I have a doctorate in...what was it now? When is the last time I even played the piano? What do I like to do in my so-called spare time (besides using my blog as a place to whine, that is - see, I'm not totally lacking in self-awareness!)? What are my goals? Do I have any goals beyond making sure everyone is fed and clothed every day? (For the non-parents, or not-yet-parents out there, please understand that this is a bigger undertaking than you might think.)

So I'm calling for suggestions here. What do you do when you've got the blues? How do you appreciate the moment you're in, rather than longing for The Next Thing?


katie said…
geez -- postpartum combined with the let-down of all your busy-ness (with school and holidays) plus being cooped up. . . no wonder you're feeling the blues coming on! here are a few of my coping strategies: get out of the house, go swimming, make something.
Strangeite said…
Appreciating where you are more than what might be, is probably the hardest yet most important aspect to happiness. I can't offer any profound insights, but whenever I am having a crappy day, nothing turns my mood around more quickly than listening to either Jimmy Buffet or Donna the Buffalo. If I couple this with a stiff bourbon drink after work , the day seems to just melt away.
Feral Mom said…
Do you have a CD you only play when you're feeling self-indulgent? Play that. 4 times in a row. While eating the comfort snack of your choicl
Pamela said…
Hi Suze! I have to agree with the suggestions to listen to music -- but instead of (or in addition to) listening to something old, maybe find something new and different to enjoy. You could buy something familiar or new from the itunes store without leaving the house. Or, something else that might work would be to go to Enter in a composer or song that you like and it will create a playlist of other songs like it. My other suggestion would be to eat comfort food... like angel food cake and chocolate and garlic fries. :-) Good luck! I hope you get out of the winter blues soon!
Here's one thing I like to do to indulge myself: stay in my pajamas - all day. The kids? They can stay in their pj's, too. Who said you HAVE to get dressed. If you aren't going anywhere, what does it matter (this will also help on the laundry, lol). Then, like everyone else said - put on some music. Something that, no matter how shitty you feel that day, never ever ever fails to make you smile (mine is "Here it goes again" by OK Go). Another thing, if the weather is crappy, light a fire (if you have a fireplace). If not, light some candles (preferably where the Danimal can't reach them). Then, indulge in reading a book that talks about sunny skies or warmth. Even if it's a kiddie book you're reading to the kidlings, it will still help change your mood. Hope this helps!
Claire said…
I say a catch-up visit at Lazy Janes will do the trick! Hopefully we can find a time that works in the near future, eh?

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