little confessions

It occurs to me that I may come off as some kind of lefty puritan. On this blog, especially, I tend to go on about things like using cloth diapers and eating local, organic food and espresso is better than coffee and how to make your own bread and chemical-free lawns and how artists are under-appreciated etc, etc. But while I'm vehement about certain things - even judgmental, like the chemicals on the lawn thing, god WHY do people do that? don't they know it's getting in the water and causing cancer and stuff?! - I really am a regular person and I'm not all high-brow and more-cultured-than-thou. To prove it to you, I'm going to confess a few things:

1. My dinner tonight consisted of movie popcorn and wine and a chocolate chip cookie. The wine probably has something to do with the nature of this blog post, in fact. We actually hired a sitter and went a movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall is at the discount theatre and it's GREAT), and the tickets were cheap so we got popcorn. I meant to make a big salad when we got home, but we weren't hungry, so I skipped that and had a glass of wine. And the cookies just happened. Sometimes you gotta make choco-chip cookies. That's a wholesome, balanced diet for you, eh?

2. I like to watch CSI. Both New York and Miami versions. Miami is cornier, so I like it better. The puns, the stunning confessions as the plot is winding's great.

3. I like Coldplay. We just bought the new album. ("You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay." Clearly on a Judd Apatow kick here...)

4. I also like Desperate Housewives, though I'm only about halfway through the 3rd season so yes, I'm way behind, and no, don't tell me what happens. I totally cried during that episode early on when Lynette gets hooked on her kids' ADD medication and falls apart confessing to her friends about it.

5. I ALWAYS cry during the classic Simpsons episode where the guy in the mental institution thinks he's Michael Jackson and helps Bart write a song for Lisa's birthday. I simply can NOT watch that without getting choked up. And that was even before I had kids. Seriously. Who cries at the SIMPSONS?

6. I rarely listen to classical music at home (Daniel's occasional requests for the Queen of the Night aria notwithstanding.) See above re: Coldplay. I also like Barenaked Ladies, U2, and a lot of other mainstream stuff.

7. Right now I smell like baby puke. Anya doesn't like for me to be way from her. EVER. She cried so much for the sitter here that she threw up all over me when she got home. And then she grinned her charming, lovely grin. Ah, babies.

8. I think farts and fart jokes are really really funny.


I know quite well that you aren't all high-brow and holier than thou. Just like you know (despite my blog content) that there is more to me than just an anxious mother who talks of nothing but her kid... LOL
Steph said…
I also find that particular Simpson's episode weirdly affecting.
Animal said…
This is funny, Suze: I've recently been thinking the same thing about CF, that I can come across as some sort of ivory-tower anal compulsive whose holier-than-thou posts sometimes sound like a big blog case of "neeners-neeners-neeners." We all have our guilty - and NOT so guilty! - pleasures, and even those of us who swear by cloth diapers still throw away the occasional disposable...along with several thousand wipes! (Albeit the Seventh Generation kind, so that's okay, right?"

Thanks for reminding me that I need to do a down-to-earth post about why I ain't "all that."


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