today's eye-candy

My garden is a scraggly, disorganized mess. This spring I did a nice job of getting some new perennials planted, and I did a half-assed mulching job in June, but now the weeds are taking over. There is serious work to be done, and I have some ideas for a major landscaping overhaul, but I just don't have the time or energy to do it. Plus, it would take a lot of money that right now is better spent on things like food and gas and college funds. Still, there are some things blooming, enough to attract lots of bees and butterflies.

Sometimes I let Daniel water the flowers. This entails filling up the watering can with the hose (apparently he hasn't figured out yet that the hose itself reaches the garden area), then asking for my help carrying the can to the garden because he's filled it so full of water it's too heavy for him to carry, then dumping most of it on a bare patch of dirt where I dug out some garlic a few weeks ago.

And by the way, no he hasn't been eating dirt. The smudges around his mouth are from a chocolate cupcake.

Stu and Anya cheered him on from the sidelines:

I am grateful for these nice summer days; they'll soon be at an end.


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