I'm being held hostage by bedtime. It's no secret that Anya doesn't sleep well. Daniel didn't either as a baby, so I have just come to expect this as a fact of babyhood. It doesn't help when I hear of other babies and toddlers who sleep 12 hours every night and take 3-hour naps every afternoon. It also doesn't help that our house is so small that Anya has to sleep in our room and thus, in our bed for most of the night because we just don't have another place to put her. So all of this means that after I get her to sleep in her crib around 8:00, I've got maybe an hour or, if I'm very lucky, an hour and a half, to get a shower in and read a book or knit or watch a DVD (loving Monarch of the Glen right now) before I have to go to bed with her. Otherwise, she would thrash and fuss and scream and if we just let her "cry it out" she'll wake up Daniel (who sleeps just on the other side of the wall). It's a problem, to be sure.

For at least a week I've been meaning to write about something more interesting and important than this. Something like the economy or the Republican veep nominee. But I just don't have it in me. Besides, I can sum that up pretty quickly. Re: the economy - Oh, shit. Re: Sarah Palin - Oh, please.


Claire said…
If it makes you feel any better (about the kid stuff), Ben's been taking shorter naps everyday.

I'm screwed!

Let's get together soon.

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