A few minutes ago, Daniel issued the following statement:

"Opa, your needed zerzers my poopy pulpit."

The challenge: reconstruct the events leading to this statement. Any guesses? (Oma, Opa and Stuart are not allowed to comment, as they were present.)

ETA: Tooz got it right! "Zerzers" is "scissors" and "pulpit" is "pull-up." What happened was this: Daniel made a giant mess once while I was off in rehearsal and my dad couldn't find the side openings in his pull-up. Rather than pull them down his legs, thus making the mess worse, Opa got out his scissors and cut them off, much to the Danimal's amusement. Becca, we still use cloth diapers for Anya. I hate using disposables with Daniel but with his tall, skinny frame, the cloth diapers were just bunching up and swingin' low and leaking something awful. We keep hoping he'll just potty-train and be done with diapers/pull-ups completely, but we're still only about halfway there, alas.


Oh, my. Are "zerzers" scissors? If they are, I'm guessing "poopy" is supposed to be paper? Otherwise, I can't mention on a family friendly blog what I think Daniel meant. LOL.
Becca said…
Opa= Suze's Dad
pulpit=diaper pail? bucket? pale butt?

Suze's dad dropped the scissors in the poopy diaper pail and had to retrieve them?

Suze's dad needed scissors to cut through Daniel's poopy diaper and put it in the bucket?

Daniel pooped on altar carpet at a church and Suze's dad cut out the stained carpet with scissors?

I give up.
Tooz said…
I think I have it--Grandpa needed scissors to take off Daniel's poopy pull up.
Steph said…
I'm thinking Tooz got it. Either that or Daniel is on a church tour.
Becca said…
I'm with Tooz--it must have been one of those pullups without the velcro sides. I bought a pack of those by mistake once, and it was a miserable week and a half until that pack was done.

I got thrown since I thought Daniel wore cloth diapers--but I wouldn't blame you for switching at least one of the kids to disposable rather than wash two sets of cloth diapers 2-3 times a day.

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