rocket go now!

I meant to post all this last week, but time got away from me. Uncle Joe has come for a visit and gone home to Virginia already. Oma and Opa arrived last Wednesday and will be driving home tomorrow. We went to Door County for the weekend, and it was fabulous. More on that later, but first, a rocket launch!

My dad taught Space Exploration at Boy Scout Camp this summer. I don't know what all this entailed, but I do know he launched lots and lots of model rockets, some more successful than others. At my request, he brought the supplies along to give little Daniel and his best friend Abe (from across the street) a hands-on demonstration.

Opa put the rocket and launch pad together:

The boys managed to watch from a safe distance:

Abe brought his own space shuttle:

Daniel got to push the button!

The first launch was a success! But then the rocket got caught in a tree:

So Stuart threw his shoe in the tree to dislodge it, only to get his shoe stuck up there, too.

If at first you don't succeed, try throwing your other shoe (it might get stuck too):

Rescuing rocket #1 and Stuart's shoes was fun for all the grown-ups:

Joe to the rescue!

Did you know Joe is part monkey?

All in all, a grand time for everyone, even the little sisters, who weren't so interested in the rocket launch, but enjoyed being at the park anyway:

Can you believe summer is almost over?


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