I've only been to Milwaukee a few times. It's just a little over an hour away by car, all interstate, but even so, we've never really visited there except to go to the Amtrak station (twice - and that was before we got smart and figured out there was a stop much, much closer to here) and once for a U2 concert. Those aren't even interesting reasons to go to Milwaukee! But it's a fairly big city with lots to see, so today we went.

We packed some snacks for the kids and drove to downtown Milwaukee, where we spent a couple of hours in the children's museum, which is very nice, especially since the one here in Madison is closed until at least August while they move to a bigger building. Then we schlepped to the nearby art museum, which is on the lake. We didn't look at any actual art, but we had lunch there and stared out the windows for a while.

It was fun. We should do it again. Maybe next time we'll go to the zoo. And maybe in about 15 years, Stuart and I will be able to go someplace grown-ups like (like the exhibits in the art museum) and enjoy ourselves.

My only mistake was forgetting to bring stuff for the kids to play with in the car. Anya fell asleep on the way home, but Daniel doesn't sleep in the car unless he's really tired, so I had to work pretty hard to keep him entertained for the drive back. For some reason, he was very keen on making mud upon our return. He pretty much jumped out of the car and dashed to the garden to do just that, Anya close behind to help, of course.

"Mom, it's a perfect day for making mud!"


Animal said…
Yay! for day trips to interesting cities and kids' museums.

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