tiny and delicious

A glimpse of this season's strawberry crop (We've picked almost 30 lbs so far this year, most of which are now frozen whole or in jam form!):

These little treasures are from our garden plot:

I was thinning carrots and found that many I pulled out, though tiny, are still edible. The kids enjoyed them!

Someone explain to me why kids who are incredibly picky with vegetables will eat ANYTHING raw out of the garden?


Claire said…
Tell me about it! Ben just CHOWS on spinach from our garden, but won't touch it with a 10 ft pole if it comes from anywhere else.
Andrea said…
If the kids help grow it, they are more likely to be eager to try it. Same thing tends to go with if they help prepare/cook it. It's even backed up by scientific research!
Jessi said…
Yet another reason I've got to figure out this gardening stuff. :(

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