labor day

This Labor Day spending the day as a family, going on a picnic, bike rides for Daniel and Stuart, and cooking hamburgers (out of grass-fed locally produce beef, of course). I sort of feel like we should be rallying somewhere or at least going to the Capitol for the sing-along, or doing something to acknowledge the important historical role unions and organized labor have had in fighting for fair working conditions and wages. Not to mention weekends.

I feel a little guilty about the fact that we're not doing any of those things, considering the plight of public workers here since the beginning of the year. I suppose this blog post is my brief tribute to the men, women and children who over the past 200 years literally gave life and limb advocating for better working conditions and fair wages. We should never underestimate the tremendous effort and sacrifice that was and is the labor movement, and though we often take for granted such perks as sick leave and weekends off, we really shouldn't.

This guy says it better than I do.

So Happy Labor Day, everyone. If you have the day off (and if you don't, I'm truly sorry), take a moment and thank the unions.


Anonymous said…
"There is not a unionized company today that did not deserve a union." Interesting quote. I must remember it. Along with adding "government" and "volunteer organizations" to the list.

During summer camp, a woman who was the director of her area complained about her work load, and the work load of her instructors. And I will admit I think she was right. She was asked to, and agreed to, do too much, and to get it all done right was not going to happen. But she went on and on. I finally said something like, "And maybe that is the reason unions form." She didn't say another word.

I remember a bumper sticker I saw "up north" a few years ago: Enjoy your weekends? Thank organized labor.


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