After last week's horrible shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I've had several conversations with various people about guns and gun violence and gun control and gun rights and what is it, exactly, about our modern culture that has allowed horrible incidents like this to happen again and again? Littleton, Paducah, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech (my brother was less than a mile from there, so that one was particularly scary)...of course I don't know what brings a person to commit such a crime. I imagine it's a perfect storm of psychological issues, the intelligence to plan and carry out an attack, and - this is especially tragic in my mind - access to the weapons to pull it off.

I firmly believe that semi-automatic and automatic guns have no place in the hands of citizens. Handguns make me pretty uncomfortable, too, but I can see the logic of it just a little bit better (even though I will never, ever EVER have a gun in  my house. Ever.) Of course, restricting access to weapons like the one used in last week's shooting won't stop heinous crime, but I'm all in favor of making it that much harder for maniacs to get a hold of them.

Just thinking about it makes me feel sad and sick.

Jason Alexander says all this and more in a post from a few days ago. Read it, and think about it.


Jessi said…
You probably already know where I sit on the gun control issue, but I think the bigger issue here is mental health issues and early detection of issues and access to resources. Keeping guns away from this guy would have just led to bombs like the ones he had in his apartment. Identifying the problem and getting him help would have eliminated the event and saved him as well as those he hurt. Just my two cents.
Claire said…
I have so many issues with this on so many levels-- the actual incident, the access to these crazy weapons (or rather, that they even exist!), the video games/violent movies out there de-sensitizing our minds, the media coverage (are ALL the incidents with shootings getting this amount of attention?? There were 40 shootings in Chicago over ONE night in June...), etc, etc. Remember that guy at Bethel who gave a convo on "Killology?" He always comes to mind when these things happen.

I'm pointing fingers in all sorts of directions for this and it makes me sick to my stomach to know that *probably* nothing is going to change. And, I'm SCARED!!! I'm sadly to the point of thinking, WHAT is going to be NEXT?

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