round 2

I'm afraid we're in for another round of ear tubes, this time for Anya. The poor child has had eight ear infections since last August! We saw an ENT early this summer. At that time, her ears were clear and her hearing was normal, so we thought there was a slim chance she would just outgrow them. Alas, no. Within just hours of coming down with a simple cold, she'll complain of an earache, and then we're off to urgent care to confirm the diagnosis and pick up a prescription for antibiotics. This has happened twice in the last month, so tubes it is, I'm afraid. Since we've already seen the ENT, all I have to do is call and schedule the procedure. If they're not scheduling too far out, we could have all this done by Halloween.

It was around this time last year, September 28, to be exact, that Daniel had surgery to remove his adenoids and have tubes put in. The day of the procedure was extremely stressful, but he's only had two ear infections since then, and he can supposedly hear better now (except, of course, when it's time to clean his room and put on pajamas!), so it was definitely worth it. Now, at least, I know more or less what to expect.

Between Anya's ear troubles, a couple of big performances in November involving me traveling out of town, being on the parent board at Anya's preschool, taking on some extra accompanying work, and volunteering at Daniel's school (which I haven't actually started, but I should soon), this is shaping up to be a rather busy and stressful fall.


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