snow day(s)

It seems Winter has made a proper arrival.

About damn time, I'd say.

Though wow, what an entrance. 

I took these pictures around midday, a few hours before the worst of the blizzard hit.

We've already gotten about a foot of snow, and it's still going, with giant wind gusts to come.

See those fences in the picture above? They are usually 3 feet above the ground.

School was out today and has been called off for tomorrow, such is the prolonged length and severity of this storm. Two days off in a row is almost unheard of here.

The most unusual thing about this storm was all the thunder and lightening. Between the thunder snow and all that has been on my mind lately (and I've had quite a lot on my  mind), I hardly got any sleep last night. I just hope I sleep better tonight; I need to have plenty of energy for Snow Day #2!


Claire said…
Wasn't it GLORIOUS?! I loved it. And, I loved seeing my kids enjoy it even more.

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