Because I think New Year's resolutions are kind of stupid, I'm a hypocrite for even posting this, but it seems fun, so what the hey. In any case, it seems like a fun sort of Q&A. I'm totally swiping this from the DALS blog (btw, I read the book a few months ago and it's fun, plus the chicken pot pie recipe is to die for, and this is coming from a gal who isn't big on meat-and-potatoes comfort food!)

What I resolve to do more of in 2013: run, swim, bike, perform (not necessarily in that order)

What I resolve to do less of in 2013: waste time online (not getting a good start here...), mope

What I resolve not to say to my spouse: "How do you feel about getting your dirty socks in the hamper instead of beside it?"

What I resolve not to say to my children: "You guys are driving me bonkers."

What I resolve to eat less of: sugar

What I resolve to eat more of: interesting grains, the sort that vegans love (bulgar, quinoa, amaranth, that sort of thing), though I have no intention of going vegan (ew)

What I resolve to learn how to cook: at least one good vegetarian curry. Well, I do a pretty mean saag paneer but it calls for so much cream that I need to learn some other  curry that doesn't make my heart hurt.

What non-required reading I resolve to attend to: seeing as I finished grad school long ago, none of the reading I do is required, but I plan to start with Anna Karenina, One Thousand White Women and Flight Behavior (signed by the author - booyah!) and more of the NYTimes

What I resolve to convince my spouse to read: There's just no point because we almost never read the same things. He's into Russian novels and heavy philosophical essays by the likes of Christopher Hitchens, and I'm...not.

Restaurant I want to try: any! We almost never go out to eat. I've been jonesing for some good authentic south Asian food lately, though.

Restaurant I want to return to: See above.

I resolve to finally try: yoga (again) and learning Spanish. These are two things I've wanted to do my entire adult life and have never gotten around to it. Is is too late  for me?

I resolve to teach my kids: to read, to knit, to cook, to sing, to appreciate nature, and to make a peanut butter sandwich unassisted

I resolve to spend less money on: landscaping. Between the new retaining wall we had built by the driveway and the dead tree removal (including one requiring an emergency middle-of-the-night chainsaw crew), the budget took a big hit in 2012.

I resolve to get Zen about: laundry breeding in the hamper, and germs

What I resolve to accomplish professionally: sigh. I don't know. I should make a plan, though, instead of just griping about the fact that having two young kids makes pursuing my professional life in any meaningful way essentially impossible.

Anyone else want to join the fun?


Pam said…
Hi Susan! I am so glad I have finally read your blog after months of neglect. I love the new pic you have up of your kids. And, I enjoyed your post. I think I am going to try to blog more regularly now in lieu of wasting my time on Facebook. Happy New Year!
Pam said…
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