cold snap

All of a sudden it feels like winter. We all took a walk this afternoon to a nearby park and found sheets of brittle ice frozen over the rocky creek bed. It looked like just like glass and shattered as easily. 

The kids took great pleasure in stomping sheets of ice into tiny bits. 

The crinkling, crunch was a satisfying sound. 

Daniel, especially, enjoyed wielding large chunks and tossing them onto the rocks to watch them shatter.


I often claim that I've gotten accustomed to the Wisconsin climate, but after a half hour of being outside, I couldn't stand it any longer and headed home for a hot cup of tea. Tomorrow it's going to be even colder and so windy it will feel like the temperature is below zero, all day long. I'm not quite ready for it, but like it or not, winter is coming. Bring out the long johns!


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