crane spotting

I've been busy working (a little) and enjoying the great outdoors (a lot) lately, too busy to post about it here, apparently. Something interesting will happen or the kids will do or say something funny and I'll think "Right, I should write a blog post about that," and then suddenly a week goes by and it doesn't seem important anymore. I'm going to try and be better about that. Starting now!

Today we had one of those rare days of perfect weather. It's that one week of spring we get in Wisconsin, after the ground finally thaws and before summer sets in with all the humidity and bugs. After torrential rains last night (and I mean torrential - downtown Madison got 5-6" in the space of two hours, and it was a huge mess with flash flooding and stranded cars and everything), everything was green and blooming and happy today. Our family of four took advantage of the gorgeous evening weather and took a short bike ride up the road to a small conservation park where a pair of sandhill cranes has been nesting every spring for the last few years. Stuart got a few shots on his camera phone.


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