back to school

Summer went by in a blink. School starts next week. For Anya, who insisted we buy all the school supplies weeks ago, it's not soon enough. Daniel says he can wait, but I think even he is getting bored hanging around with us all the time.

It's dark by 8:00 now. It feels so premature.

We're all antsy about the new school year and tired out at the same time. After a week of vacation, and readjusting to life at home with school on the horizon. I'm exhausted; tonight is the first night I've made it past 10 o'clock without crashing. Even my sunflowers are drooping under their own weight, threatening to take out the neighbor's fence. Considering our contentious history, it would probably be best if I pull those flowers out before they cause any trouble, but they're just so impressively tall (12' at least) I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

I start a new job this week. It's a part time teaching position and pays accordingly, but it's exciting all the same. This all came up rather quickly (in fact, I got the offer over the phone last Tuesday as I sat in the car - the only quiet place I could find - on the Lake Superior shore), so I've been on overdrive this week getting my shit in order. Normally, the last few days of summer I like to spend doing whatever my kids want to do - pick raspberries, hang out at the park, stuff ourselves with ice cream, you name it - but instead I've been scrambling to find childcare (the job starts this week, public schools not until next Tuesday), dragging my kids along to places like the dentist and the HR department of my new employer, and wondering what on earth I will make for dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays (workdays for me now) this semester.

Part of me can't wait for school to start. My patience is wearing thin, I'm anxious to get moving on some projects this fall. The other part of me wants to stop the clock, just for a minute, so I can enjoy the good moments a little longer. Time flies.


Jessi said…
Congratulations!! That sounds like so much fun. My suggestion to you: make friends with your crockpot. There is something just soothing and restful about coming home to a house that already smells like supper.
Jennifer Hacker said…
I was going to say the same thing, Jessi!

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