Daniel is nine today. Nine! It's his last birthday in the single digits. How time flies and all that.

We are fairly low-key about birthdays around here, but treats include: finding presents (rather than wrapping gifts, we hid them in a closet and left a trail of badly-written poems as clues for Daniel to follow), choosing the menu for the day (thin pancakes for breakfast, lasagna for dinner, birthday cake), and playing on a piano recital. (The piano recital isn't a birthday treat, actually; it just happens to be scheduled for today!) We'll make cupcakes to bring to school on Monday to share with his class and his teachers, but other than that and celebrating as a family, we have no party planned. I do feel guilty about this, but throwing a birthday party - even a small one - takes time and energy that I just don't have right now.

Anyway, in honor of Daniel's 9th birthday, I've composed a list of nine things Daniel likes:

1. Disc golf. Stuart started taking the kids to the local disc golf courses last summer. They went just about every weekend and Daniel especially took a liking to it. On one hole he even got a better score than Stuart.

2. Minecraft. Big surprise here. He is a 9yo boy. He likes to quiz me: "Mom, do you know how many whats-it blocks it takes to craft a thingamajig?" "Uh, no. But please, please tell me."

3. Lasagna. He's chosen this dish for his birthday dinner tonight and has specifically requested the kind with MEAT.

4. Making lasagna! I haven't managed to post about this cooking project yet, but...

5. Numbers. He is very into math.

6. Scrabble. He can really whoop my ass at this game. It's humiliating.

7. Reading. Daniel is whizzing through the Septimus Heap series right now.

8. Sledding. The bigger the bumps on the hill, the better.
Sometimes he likes to push the sled uphill. I don't know why.

9. Bugging his sister. Lest you think my children are angelically well-behaved Daniel is diligently perfecting the art of annoying his sibling. She is perfecting the art of taking the bait.


Anonymous said…
Can I assume that the insect on the floor of picture one is the plastic creature left over from Halloween as opposed to a reflection on your housekeeping?😉

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