In honor of Small Business Saturday, instead of shopping, we continued to support the small construction business of our amazing carpenter, who spent the day dismantling our kitchen with his college-age son and another young man who is a family friend of theirs. Stuart helped take down the chimney. We gave the built in bookcases a fresh coat of paint. I made chili for lunch and lost my keys. All in all, a productive, exhausting, dusty day. Scroll down to see a bunch of pictures (comments in captions).


They brought doughnuts!

Step One of removing 60+ year old metal cabinets is whatever they're doing.
The fridge now lives in the living room. Something round fell out of the ceiling and Stuart caught it.
This delightful vintage wallpaper was behind the chalkboard. Two people have already suggested that I cut pieces out and have them framed, and I'm actually considering it.
What, you don't store wine glasses and the stand mixer on the windowsill of your bathroom??!

Our temporary kitchen/dining room looks like a bomb shelter.
The dust mask wasn't entirely helpful.
This letter was penned in 1961. We found it stuck between the wall and sink cabinet along with some grocery lists, a bill from Sears Roebuck, a partial sheet of 13c stamps, rules for cribbage, and a hilarious-yet-slightly-creepy brochure for the Big Brother program.
Pretty much everything was out except for the trash.
All cleaned up and ready for asbestos removal first thing in the morning!
I still haven't found my keys...


Kathy N. said…
I love the demolition treasures! We have a little drawer full of them that we keep meaning to do something with... my favorite was WI driver's license from the mid 80's that belonged to a former owner. We found out she lives a few blocks away and returned it to her.... so maybe the keys will eventually show up :)

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