snapshot: blue flame, plus a bit of randomness

The kitchen is done and we love it. I'm head over heels for the dishwasher and still giddy about cooking with a gas stove. It's miles better than cooking in the basement with the laundry chugging two feet away.

Is it March already? We had a few inches of snow this week, enough to make the roads a slippery mess for a day, and enough that we had to shovel the driveway, which prompted a message from the attorney of our insane, angry neighbor. (That's right. She has her lawyer send us emails about where to shovel snow. This happens regularly. We've learned to live with it. At least communicating with her lawyer is preferable to getting screamed and honked at, which also happens from time to time.)

It's contest season, so I'm playing piles of schlocky flute music with a smattering of euphonium and clarinet, all for high school students. There is also a rather daunting stack of contemporary saxophone rep. I'm definitely earning my (meagre) keep these days.

I'm ready for spring. How about you?


Anonymous said…
No. I am not ready from spring. There are some tree limbs I wanted to trim, but the trees are starting to bud. Warmer weather also means the lawn will grow and need to be cut, and I am not quite ready for that. And I don't look forward to the bugs; especially the mosquitoes that might carry zika; but I think we are a bit too far north to worry about that. Besides the budding trees, there are other signs of spring; for example, our neighbor's daffodils are blooming; albeit, not all of them and the blooms are small. Ours haven't come up, I don't think. I thought I saw something in the garden that looked like it could be iris, but it is too early for that, isn't it?

It was 4 years ago two days ago (on Mar. 2 which was a Friday) that tornadoes hit Kentucky, including the town of West Liberty which received a lot of damage. Three days later (as in "tomorrow") we got several inches of snow, enough to close schools for a day.

And we did have snow yesterday. It's gone now. But east of here in Montgomery County, I-64 was closed for a few hours because of traffic collisions. One person was quoted as saying he could barely do 35 when others past him doing at least 70; then the traffic stopped and stayed stopped for a few hours as the tow trucks and police cleaned up the mess.

motherof5 said…
Enjoy your gas stove, I wouldn't have anything else. We live in the country and our power is really unpredictable. At least with the gas stove we can always have a cup of tea and cook eggs.

We have come to the end of Summer, with no bushfires nearby, which has been a relief. It will be our first Autumn with a pool and I am interested to see how often it gets used.

My tomato bushes are full of fruit, i guess it time to think of Winter crops?

I enjoyed your blog, I look forward to reading more.

xx Nicole

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