What is happening to the ACA is horrifying. If the GOP wants to take health care away from people, they should be forced to go without it, too. 

I called my senators this morning. I kept my message polite and to the point. If you care about preserving the Affordable Care Act, in particular the provisions for covering people with pre-existing conditions, I encourage you to do the same. In Wisconsin, our senators are Democrat Tammy Baldwin, who is fairly progressive, and Republican Ron Johnson, who is as conservative as they come.

Baldwin's Washington number is: (202) 224 - 5653

Johnson's Washington number is: (202) 224 - 5323

Keep it polite, and keep it true. In my message, said I was deeply concerned that without coverage people will actually die. I said I hope my senator has enough respect for life and dignity that he/she will do the right thing and preserve health coverage rather than take it away.


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