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why I don't teach private lessons

One question I get all the time is whether I teach private piano lessons. I still have one kid in elementary school, so there are plenty of parents of young children who, once they find out that I'm a professional musician, ask whether I'm taking students. 

The answer, alas, is no. I do have a list of about a half dozen teachers in the area that I give to anyone who is looking for a teacher. These are people I know personally, either from my days in grad school, or from the short time I was a member of the piano teachers' organization, or various other connections in town. 

In a way, it's killing me because given the number of inquiries I get, I could probably have a full studio in a few months' time. Also, I love teaching and I'm good at it and I have a bona fide graduate degree in piano pedagogy and a bunch of experience so I'm not just shooting from the hip here.

I have my reasons, though, and I thought I'd articulate them here.

Scheduling. Unless I work…

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