Malibu pix

I know, I know. It's about time (or past time) I posted pictures from my recent trip to Malibu. I didn't have room to bring our camera, but Uncle Joe has a sweet new camera phone, so he got some good shots with it. Most of these are Daniel, but in some of them you can get a sense of the scenery there.

Here's the view from above the ginormous sports complex at Pepperdine. You can see clear out to the ocean.

The outside seating at the cafeteria.

The Fountain.

Daniel on the beach.

Check out this posture!

Another view of the Pepperdine campus.

This one just made me laugh.


I LOVE the last one. But he looks like he should be holding a bottle of brew, not water! LOL!
Pam said…
These are awesome - Daniel is so adorable! I'm so glad you posted them! Looks like it was beautiful there!!
Animal said…
Pam is right...on BOTH counts! The Danimal looks like he was busy checking out the world, and the scenery looks fantastic! If Madtown wasn't such a GREAT town I'd wonder why you'd ever want to come home!

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