ultrasound results

I hate getting ultrasounds, but unfortunately, it looks like I'll be having at least one more.

Let's start with the good news: the placenta is fine. The bleeding appears to have come from a hematoma outside the placenta. It's harmless and nothing to worry about.

The worrisome news: they also found a choroid plexus cyst (CPC) in the brain. The doctor explained it to me, but I couldn't quite wrap my head around it, so I googled it. CPCs occur in 1-3% of pregnancies in the 4th month, and most disappear by the third trimester. CPCs themselves are not harmful, but they are weakly associated with certain genetic abnormalities, so if one is discovered in an ultrasound, there is usually a follow-up ultrasound to check organ development and the like. I'm under 30, I have no history of genetic abnormalities in my family, I have every reason to believe that everything is probably fine. But I'm still going to have the blood screen and another ultrasound at 20 weeks to investigate further.

Of course, it's too early to really worry about all the things that could be wrong but probably aren't. But I was watching Daniel play in the back yard just now, thinking about how lucky we are to have such a healthy, strong child and realizing yet again how much we take for granted.

I wouldn't mind if some of you sent some good thoughts our way.


Steph said…
Many, many good thoughts heading your way from here.
mamacita said…

I hope everything turns out fine.

Also, since I've been totally out of the blogosphere for a long time and didn't even realize that you were pregnant, congratulations!
andre said…
Consider them sent! wishing you good day by day. .

And here's hoping that your composers get their acts together and send you the work you need. . we're a strange lot, I know. .

RE: DMA, your proposal would really have to stink for the committee not to approve it, and I don't think your teacher would let that happen. . It sounds worthwhile to me, (but of course I am a composer, so I guess I don't count. .) Steph's comment on the lack of reasoning skill for some of us DMAs is all too true I'm afraid. (and can be said of some PhDs as well) Like any degree, it really is only as good as you make it. But don't let anyone tell you it's a lesser degree. This is the one doctorate that posits *performance* (and composition) as a form of scholarship, and it's important that people respect that.
Thorny said…
You'll get nothing but strong, healthy vibes from me!

Hopefully it will disappear on its own and everything will be fine and wonderful.

Good luck!
Animal said…
Tess and I remain convinced that much of doctoring is simply guesswork in a white lab coat. That's disingenuous, but I think you get the idea: don't scare the crap out of me by quoting stats for every little thing that MIGHT go wrong, just because some people in the world are a little sue-happy. While you're at it, what are my chances of getting hit by a bus as I cross the street after my appointment?!?

So, yeah. Probably nothing...most of these things are. Thinking good things...
Oma said…
I think you need to fasten your mind on what you read--that most things that pop up as possible problems turn out to be nothing. If people didn't have ultrasounds (and I'm not saying they shouldn't) they wouldn't know about all these little kinks and wouldn't worry, and then everything turns out fine.
You are doing everything right, and that helps too.
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May the odds be with you. Best of luck from a guy in Minnesota!
Becca said…
Good thoughts! Good thoughts! Good thoughts!
[>>> >>> >>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]

Those funny little marks are supposed to represent the waves upon waves of positive thoughts, happy energy, prayers, whatever-you-want-to-call-'ems that I'm sending your way!

Big hugs! (incidentally - "hugs" is a word you really have to be careful with when you type it. For example, I was in a hurry and almost gave you "big bugs". Then, in my haste to correct that error, I tried to send you "big mugs". Then, as I was distracted by the phone ringing, I almost wished you "big jugs". Luckily, though, I caught these errors and was able to correct them in order to send you "big pugs".... er, "hugs". LOL)

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