Random Friday

1. Good news, everyone! I had an ultrasound Tuesday morning, and everything is fine. The specialist looked at everything and confirmed that the baby's major organs are developing normally, there is blood flowing everywhere it should, and while the cyst is still there, it's within a normal size range and shouldn't cause any problems. (The genetic counselor told me that choroid plexus cysts show up in 50% of adult autopsies when cause of death had absolutely nothing to do with brain function, so they are quite common and almost always benign.) In fact, when I got to the perinatalogy wing of the hospital, the first thing the technician said to me was, "You know these cysts show up all the time, right? And that they almost always go away, right?" So that was reassuring. Jelly Bean also has 2 arms, 2 legs, a spine, and all the other stuff you would want your child to have. (We didn't ask about the sex because we don't want to know, but we're assuming all the right parts are there for that, too.)

2. Tomorrow is our sixth anniversary. Yes, we got married young (I was 22, Stu was 23.) No, we have never regretted it. At least, I haven't. I'm pretty sure Stuey hasn't. We're celebrating by hiring a babysitter (for like, the third time, ever) and going out to eat at a fancy schmancy place downtown that features locally grown food. They've been listed as one of the best 100 restaurants in the country. I am very excited about this.

3. I think I'm getting the "nesting" syndrome a little early. I find myself taken over by the urge to clean the house. This, of course, is in direct conflict with Daniel's constant cluttering of various toys and household objects. It's also in direct conflict with the fatigue I have experienced of late due to the 90+ degree heat here (unusual for Wisconsin). Thus, my house isn't cleaner than normal, but it bothers me more.

4. Since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I'm inspired to try making my own cheese. I checked out Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll from the local library. There's a recipe in there for 30-minute mozzarella. I think I'll need to get some proper cheese cloth and culture before I make any...but when the time comes, I'll let you know how it goes.

5. I spent the better part of two days this week in recording sessions with my friend Julia. We recorded three songs for my dissertation project, plus several arias for her audition CD. It was really fun, and everything went so well that we're not even going to have that much editing to do: just a couple of splices, and there were some takes that were so good we won't have to do any cut-and-paste at all! I hope the rest of my project goes this well, seeing as what we just did is maybe 1/6 of a whole CD. And it's August already. Cripes.

6. We were on vacation for a little over a week. Basically, we did a lot of driving to Minnesota, Kansas and Nebraska attending a wedding, visiting family, visiting more family...this is really the only kind of vacation we ever take. (One day we'll win the lottery, drop the kid[s] off at some willing relative or other, and go to Italy. One day.) We had a good time, despite the Kansas heat, and Daniel did very well with all the new environments and new people. He even did okay in the car.

7. It's been a while since I've put pictures up. Here are a few from a one-night camping trip we took last month at Devil's Lake.

(As you can see, Daniel has a little ways to go before appreciating the great outdoors. He preferred playing in the car to being outside, and checked out for most of our early morning hike.)


Pam said…
Hahaha! That last picture is funny!!
Pam said…
Oh - I forgot to say congratulations!! on your anniversary and on your ultrasound!
Animal said…
Good Friday, indeed! Congrats on your positive ultrasound, and happy anniversary!
andre said…
Three cheers for what sounds like an *excellent* week all around! Congratulations on *all* lof it! And continued health and happiness to you and your family!

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