Friday quickie

1. Send Steph your good vibes this morning, everyone. She's having her surgery this morning.

2. Stu turned 30 on Wednesday! How about some belated birthday wishes for him, y'all? I didn't blog it on that day because I was busy making lasagna and birthday cake (which was totally kick-ass, thanks to the Cake Bible).

3. I leave for Kentucky tomorrow. Huzzah! We're driving halfway through Illinois and meeting my dad, then moving our stuff and the carseats over to his car. Stuart will turn around drive back here, and dad and the kids and I will continue on to my parents' place. There's a LOT of laundry and packing to do between now and tomorrow morning.

4. My parents finally got high speed internet a few months ago, so I will probably be blogging from their place. Be sure to check in next week!


Rachel said…
Happy Birthday, Stu!!! Susan, when you and the kids come back, let's do brunch--have a great trip!
Pamela said…
Happy Birthday, Stu! Have a great trip Susan! :-)
Happy burp day Stu, and Suze, have fun in Ky and tell everyone I said hello!
Andre said…
Happy 30th Stu!
Animal said…
Happy 30th, Stu. Enjoy the decade: my 30s were my best 10 years so far. I wonder if I'll be able to say that about my 40s, too...?

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