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So we were scheduled to drive back to Wisconsin on Saturday, but last week Madison got another almost 8" of snow and I just couldn't face it and decided to stay in Kentucky a few more days. It's kind of pathetic that I couldn't handle more snow when I've dealt with it all winter. Am I not made of stronger stuff? Apparently not. My dad will drive with me all the way back up to Madtown next week and stay a few days with us, Stuart doesn't have to make the long drive at all, and the kidlets get some extra time with their Oma and Opa. Except that Stu is probably getting a little lonely (and possible a bit tired of a diet of leftover lentils and mac 'n cheese), this is working out well for everyone.

The most interesting thing to say about the last few days is that Daniel just simply won't take his afternoon nap. I guess being at my parents' house is far too exciting to take a break in the middle of the day. He clearly still needs his nap, though. Without it, he becomes floppy, whiny, and totally impossible to deal with around 6:00 in the evening. Today he fell asleep in front of a Wallace and Gromit video (yes, I already resort to videos with my kid. I dare you to judge me.) at 5:30, woke up at 6:30, and then promptly fell back asleep in my lap until 7:30, when he woke up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for a snack. So I gave him apple slices and a mini-cupcake (yeah, yeah, but it's Easter after all) and let him watch British comedies on PBS with my mom. (All right, you can judge me for that. He doesn't watch this much TV in real life, I promise.)

We had a few nice days here and got some outside playtime (I'd almost forgotten what that was like!) with pictures and everything, so I'll try and share some of those soon.


Strangeite said…
There is nothing wrong with Wallace & Gromit. Sophie has been known to stretch her mouth open as if she was stressed and wave her closed fists in the air, all in immitation of Wallace being excited for "Cheese!!!".

I am glad that you were here for that beautiful Friday that we just had. If the weather goes "south" again while you are here in the south, I highly recommend the Explorium in downtown Lexington. It has seen better days, but is still a wonderful place to take a rambunctious toddler. Plus the Kentucky Arts Council funded facility could use the support.

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