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"Here and there" is the best way to describe my brain these days. I am so constantly and thoroughly sleep-deprived that I don't have it in me to do substantial blogging, but I'm trying to post somewhat regularly anyway. I do, however, have a few thoughts to share, so I'l just make a quick list:

1) Joe Biden: good choice for Barack Obama's running mate. The guy is genuinely experienced and smart and sincere. I believe they make a good team.

2) Memo to John McCain: JUST HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK THE WOMEN OF AMERICA ARE???!! I wasn't going to vote for you anyway, but choosing a completely inexperienced gun-loving, staunch anti-abortion rights (guess there's no question that poor little Bristol is staying preggers, eh?), anti-environment right-wing nut job does NOT endear me to your campaign. Even if she is a woman. I find it extremely insulting, actually.

3) To the pundits who claim that Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia: OMG HOW LAME CAN YOU BE?

4) Memo to disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters: Tough cookies. Get over it and move on already. I hope you realize that if you vote for McCain out of resentment that your candidate lost, you're not only shooting yourselves in the foot (feet?), but you're taking the rest of us down with you, and that's just plain wrong.


katie said…
I couldn't believe how mean Palin came across last night. Just down-right disrespectful.

I just can't imagine how this divide is going to be bridged by folks like this!
Steph said…
I think the number of so-bitter-they'll-vote-for-McCain Clinton supporters is being vastly exaggerated by Republicans and the media. They were just dying for a soap opera during the Democratic convention--since if we don't have a soap opera, the cable networks actually have to talk about things of real political substance, and that's just boring and hard and no fun, apparently.
Animal said…
Nicely put, Steph!

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