nine months

Nine months and one day ago, we welcomed Anya to our family. It's hard for me to believe all that time has passed since that snowy night. She had her 9-month check-up with the doctor this morning, and here are the highlights:

1. She weighs over 22 lbs. This puts her in the 95th percentile for weight.

2. She is 30" long. This puts her OFF the charts for length.

3. She has no teeth, and no sign that they are coming any time soon.

4. She babbles a lot (bababa, mamama, etc) and clearly understands words like Anya, nurse and big brother Daniel.

5. She's eating some solid food, but not much. It takes us two days to get through a 4oz jar of vegetables. Noting her height and weight above, you'll see that she's not starving. Instead, she breastfeeds all day and night and I feel like I'm eating enough for an army.

6. She doesn't yet crawl, but scoots around on her tushie like a champ. She's not really pulling herself up, either, so the doctor says she's slightly delayed in gross motor skills, gave me some suggestions for encouraging her development, and said we have to go back in 6 weeks for a quick check-up to see if she's making progress. She has good muscle tone and is clearly very strong, so I'm trying not to be worried about it.

7. No shots today (yay), but she had to have some blood drawn (boo) for a routine lead test. It took at least 5 minutes of trying on both arms before the phlebotomist could find a vein in her chubby little arm. It was pure torture for all of us in a room that felt more or less like an echo chamber.


Mrs. Allroro said…
On number 6, I read recently that play time with a more mobile baby of the same age is great for developing gross motor skills. For example, other baby takes toy and crawls away, your baby is very motivated to try and crawl after her (and has a model to follow). That's what I read, anyway.

I think I would like having an Anya that doesn't move around a lot. That way it would be easier to stare at her and take pictures of her. She is sooo cute!
Suze said…
Having a big brother around who is HAPPY to take her toys away (grumble) has certainly motivated Anya to scoot around plenty! She's mobile, just not crawling. I have to admit it's nice not to worry about her moving too fast, both for purposes of taking pictures and worrying about her getting into stuff when I turn my back.
Pam said…
Happy Birthday, Anya!

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