winter update

After a record 19" of snowfall yesterday, which shut down our whole city, including the schools, the Uni, and even the bus system, it got really cold. Really cold. When we got up this morning the thermometer read -6 and the windchill is something like -25. Poor Daniel doesn't understand why he's not allowed to go outside and help Stuart shovel more snow off the deck. A few minutes ago, Stuart went outside to scrape ice off the car and came right back in to inform me that the ice scraper snapped in half when he tried to use it!

Honestly, yesterday was rough. The kids got up at 4:30 and except for an hour in the late morning when Anya fell asleep to catch up on her short night, no one napped all day. The snow is pretty, but way too deep to play in safely, so we spent the entire day inside staving off boredom with only moderate success. We have good friends across the street, but everyone was too tired and crabby to invite them over even for a little while.

I am determined to make today better. This morning we got up at 5:00, not 4:30. It's bitterly cold, but the streets are cleared off enough that once the temps are above zero, we'll venture out somewhere, like maybe the library. Not to be trite, but after yesterday I'm trying to improve my attitude and count my blessings. We are warm. We are safe. Thousands of people in southern Wisconsin lost power because of the blizzard and we were not among them.

And now both of my kiddies are running stark naked around the house, and only one of them is fully potty-trained, so I better wrap this up!


Rosemary said…
I hope you can get out for some fun today with the neighbors.
Jessi said…
Hope today is better than the last. I said a little prayer for you watching the national weather this morning. Brr.
Suze said…
Rosemary, we wanted to get together with the neighbors, but alas, they have sniffly noses and didn't want to pass that along. Jessi, today is better. I'm pretty tired, but nothing a few (dozen) cups of coffee won't fix and my sanity is much more intact. Thanks for thinking of us!
Animal said…
"And now both of my kiddies are running stark naked around the house, and only one of them is fully potty-trained."

Thanks. I *loved* this mental image this morning; made my day!

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