eye-candy friday: momzilla goes sledding

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about Anya. The issue wasn't that she is IN the 25th percentile for height and weight. It's that up through her 18mo check-up she was in the 75th, so she essentially hasn't gained any weight in the last seven or eight months. She did fine having her blood drawn. I mean, she didn't like it any more than the rest of us but she didn't struggle and only whimpered a little bit, even when they had to try both arms to find a vein. Stuart checked her chart online yesterday when he got home, and everything appears to be normal, no deficiencies that he could tell. So it's probably a case of genetics kicking in and her turning out to be on the small side (like me). Also, she didn't start walking until pretty late, at least 16 or 17 months of age, so her opportunities to run around and lose that baby fat came later, too.


Today while Daniel was in his preschool class, Anya and I went to the library to play and pick up some new books. After we'd been there for a little while, the kids' section was suddenly swarming with small children and their mothers (and one dad and a grandma), and I overheard a couple women discussing a friend of theirs who had recently referred to herself on facebook as "Momzilla." That is a perfect description of my mood yesterday. As much as I'd like to blame the weather, blame the snow, blame Stuart for, you know, having a job to go to every day (which, incidentally, pays for things like the roof over our heads and the food we eat and all), I really have no one to blame but myself for not having more of a schedule or routine for us during the week. In any case, for no particularly good reason, yesterday we were all tired and cranky and bored and right about noon, I knew we had to do something or my head was going to explode. So I said, "PUT ON YOUR BOOTS WE ARE GOING OUTSIDE." "Nooooooooooooo I don't waaaaaaaaaant to," the boy protested, to which I responded, "I DON'T CARE WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE" and of course by the time he had changed into snow pants and was getting his coat on he was all excited about the prospect. Anya is still little enough to just kind of go along with whatever we're doing, so she didn't object.

We played in the yard a bit and then decided to take an impromptu sledding trip at the park around the corner. I'm so glad we did. The snow was too fluffy to build up any speed, and the hill itself is pretty wimpy, but none of us cared. It was fun and refreshing and definitely the best hour I had all day (the rest of the afternoon went, ahem, downhill from there...get it? get it?)

I know it's been quite a while since I've done "eye-candy Friday," so I thought I'd share some pictures from yesterday (have I mentioned that I luuuurve the new camera? It fits in my pocket! It has a snow/beach setting!):


So fun! I'm glad you guys got out and had fun. And I lurve the hats with the ears! Jamie used to have a winnie the pooh hat with ears on it, and I cried bitter tears when it wouldn't fit him any more because he looked so damn scrumptious in it. [sigh]
Mrs. Allroro said…
Jenn--I loved that hat.

Suze--weren't you a chubby baby? I bet you're right that she's just turning that corner and is going to be like you (and your cousin, if I remember correctly).
Suze said…
I was sort of a chubby baby, though my kids were even bigger babies. And Mrs. Alloro, I have not one, but two female cousins and I am much larger than both, believe it or not!
Pam said…
Yay! That looks like it was A LOT of fun!! :-)
Jessi said…
Glad you had a blast in the snow. We're apparently going to be buried in 20 feet of it, so maybe I'll get out in it this week.

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