My boy turns 4 today. Four! We had a little party for him yesterday with his two best buddies (plus baby sisters and their mamas; unfortunately, both other dads had to be at work and couldn't come). Those few people were enough to fill up our little house. I am going to have to rethink future birthday parties, either cough up the dough for a bigger venue (Chuck-E-Cheese, here we come!) or wait until the summer and celebrate half-birthdays at the park. Thoughts on that, anyone?

In any case, the party was nice and low-key. The boys played pretty well, the little girls stayed out of trouble, and everyone had a turn blowing out candles on their cupcakes. We had a very brief game of "Stick the Tail On the Donkey" but even four-year-olds don't have much of an attention span for organized games. I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few to share.

(There's a vide of the part with birthday candles, but someone was kind of fussy during it so I won't put it up.)

We saved Daniel's present from us for after the party because we knew once he opened it he wouldn't want to play with anything else.

(We were right about that!)

Happy Birthday, Daniel! We're awfully proud of you.


katie said…
I love four year olds. Enjoy!

And happy birth day to the parent, too.
Pam said…
Happy Birthday! What's Quadrilla? Looks neat!
Pam said…
Sorry - meant to say Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!
Rachel said…
Happy birthday, Daniel!!!
Jessi said…
Happy Birthday Daniel!

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