are you tired of snowy pictures yet?

Here, in early March, there is the hint of spring in the air. Sure, there is still plenty of snow on the ground and temps below freezing at night, but patches of muddy lawns peeking through the snow, puddles of water on the street, chunks of ice sliding loudly off the roof, and longer hours of daylight (hoorah!) are all evidence that winter is gasping for breath. Spring is coming. There is hope.

There is also a bright, shiny new gardening catalog full of temptation. But I don't want to get ahead of myself.

Today, Daniel and Anya and I had the morning to ourselves before he goes to school later. It's nice to have a breather after all the running around we - especially I - have been doing of late. So once we got tired of the toys and books and snacks inside, and it warmed up outside ("warm" meaning mid-30s), we put on the snow gear (more for keeping dry than for keeping warm, you understand) and took a walk to the park. It's hard to climb and swing in snow boots, but we managed!

In any case, here's your eye-candy for this Friday:


Steph said…
I am not looking forward to the day when Daniel outgrows the hat with ears. I LOVE the hat with ears.
Suze said…
Steph, that hat has made it through 2 winters so far (I made it for Halloween 2008), and it's long enough it could potentially last another. Unless he decides he's too grown up for it!
Pam said…
I agree. The hat with ears is AWESOME! :-)

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