I scream, you scream

Believe it or not, Daniel and Anya were enjoying the ice cream in this picture:

We spent Sunday afternoon at a nearby nature center, which was hosting a Maple Syrup festival. Mostly, we waited in long lines to see things like tapped sugar maple trees, sap boiling over an open fire, and a re-created pioneer shack, but the kids were astonishingly patient for all this and genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves, especially Daniel. In the picture above, they are each enjoying a modest scoop of ice cream with about a tablespoon of maple syrup drizzled on top - delicious.


In other news, Spring Break is kicking my butt. I'm preparing for a couple of recording sessions this week, and on top of that, Daniel is off preschool and the kids are spending less time with their regular sitters (because of scheduling issues that are much too complicated and boring to go into here). I didn't realize how I was so used to spending a little time away from them every day, even if it was for my so-called work. Today just about did us all in. It's only 8:30 and I feel like I could go to bed for the night.

Tomorrow I take Anya to her dreaded appointment with the nutritionist, where I fully expect to be told how incompetent I am as a mother because I am not forcing her to drink milk (which she only likes with cereal) or take supplemental vitamins (the chewable ones taste disgusting - I tried them - and she hates being given anything with a syringe). I've been keeping a detailed list of everything she eats for the past three days so the nutritionist can try and do a calorie count. She seems plenty healthy to me. I wish we didn't have to go, but the doctor kind of forced the issue.


Have you tried the gummy vitamins--the Lil Critters ones are awesome!
Jessi said…
Good luck at the nutritionist! I hate that kind of stuff. It's ridiculous to assume that kids NEED milk like they want you to believe.

Vitamins - Brynna won't take them either and we have yet to find a solution, but I thought the best tasting ones were the dissolvable strip kind. Brynna is creeped out by that. Also, the only other stuff that comes like that is medicine and I have a problem with vitamins that look/taste like candy. It's a safety issue. For the unorganized among us.

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