eye candy?

I wouldn't say these pictures are particularly pretty, but they show some serious work being done on the house right now. There has been a lot of noise, dust and general excitement. Probably the only thing that will top this for entertainment is when the plumber comes to bust up the concrete floor later this winter.

From digging the holes:

Breaking out the concrete block with a sledgehammer (or three):

Big honking hole in the wall! There are actually 2 of these side by side:

And of course, a captive audience:

By the end of the day, we will have new windows in those holes, with framing and all!


Anonymous said…
When all this is done, what in the world will your kids do for entertainment?

Claire said…
I love that last picture! I assume they sit there with snacks like they're at a movie?
Animal said…
Sweet! I always remember hearing that, with regards to home renovation: "There's nothing you can take apart so much that you can't put it back together."

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