This is a good time for me to reflect a bit on all that I have to be thankful for. The weather is dreary and the kids have been yelling at me all day (especially The Boy), but except for these superficial things, my life is good. I need to remember that, instead of feeling sorry for myself.

And so. A list. Today I'm thankful for:

1) Not traveling today. Isn't the day before Thanksgiving the busiest travel day of the year? And up north, this often invites bad weather. Today was cold, and it started to rain in the middle of the afternoon, which will freeze tonight and make the roads slick. I'm glad not to drive in it. I'm especially glad not to be flying anyplace, what with the new screening procedures and all...I can't decide what's worse: porno scanners or invasive pat-downs. Probably porno scanners, what with the radiation exposure and all.

2) No company. Now, Thanksgiving is a day for feasting with family, and I'm all for that. In fact, I'm sure I'll feel a pang of homesickness tomorrow, thinking of my parents and brother and his fiancée having dinner together in Kentucky without us. But we spent the whole first two weeks of November traveling to visit family - both mine and Stuart's - so I don't feel like I've missed out. And no company means the four of us can just relax together and enjoy the day without worrying about who gets to shower first, and how we're all going to fit in the tiny kitchen, and OMG-they're-going-to-be-here-in-an-hour-quick-clean-off-the-guest-bed!

3) The fact that today's rain held out as long as it did (it started around 3:00 this afternoon). Our intrepid carpenter has been working on those big egress windows since last week, and today he did his best to finish lining the window wells with lumber before it got so cold and wet and sloppy he had to stop. One is finished, and the second is at least 2/3 of the way there, and they wouldn't have gotten nearly that far if the rain had started at noon as predicted.

4) Good children's literature. Daniel is finally old enough to read Winnie-the-Pooh - the original - or, rather, have it read to him. I rented the old Disney movie version this week because of the long break from preschool, and then remembered I have the collection of A.A. Milne's stories on our bookshelf. We've been reading one or two at a time in the morning and at night.

5) My affectionate kids. We've hit a sweet phase where they are constantly treating me to hugs and smooches (in between the arguing, that is). Every time I leave the house to go running, say, or teach piano lessons, they each give me a fist bump, then a high five, then a kiss and a hug or several. It makes me think they might like me after all.


Pam said…
Awww! :-)

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