Today my baby girl turns three. Since we celebrated with cupcakes and presents over the weekend, we didn't do anything special today, other than make her favorite dinner (homemade noodles with tomato sauce), but I think the day deserves its own post anyway.

This picture captures so well her sweet spirit, her beautiful smile, her zest for life and also, a certain streak of independence and self-assurance that is just...so...Anya.

Happy birthday, big girl.


Pam said…
What a beautiful, sweet girl!! Happy Birthday, Anya! I cannot believe it is possible she is 3 already!
Awwww! Happy birthday, big girl!
The Boccias said…
Happy birthday to Anya!
Animal said…
Not. Possible. That your kids are 3 and (almost) 5. Holy moley!

Anywho…happy b-day, beautiful girl!
Jessi said…
Happy birthday sweet girl!
Steph said…
I'm late on the birthday wishes, but oh how I love this picture. Might be my desktop image for a while. :) Love you bundles, you little sweet goofy spitfire girlie.

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