first snow

At 5:15 this morning, a certain Little Boy woke up, looked out the window, and gasped with delight. "Mom!" he cried, "There's snow outside!!" His mother tried desperately to get him back to sleep, at least for a little bit, but the Little Boy refused. "I'm just too excited," he insisted, but eventually he agreed to look out the window quietly for a while until someone was ready to be up early with him. He watched and watched out the window, even got his binoculars to have a look. Finally, when he could stand it no more, at 6:30a.m. he and his Little Sister (who was also awake by this time) implored their father to go outside with him to shovel snow off the back deck. And so they did. (Their mother went back to bed at this point, desperate for a few minutes extra sleep before it was time to make breakfast.)

Later, the family went sledding at a nearby park.

And they declared it to be The First Day of Winter.


Pam said…
GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!! :-)
Animal said…
Roz can't WAIT to go sledding! Lots of excitement for snow this year.

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