could this week just be over already?

I am having a craptastic week.

First there's our governor, who hasn't budged one bit on his budget repair bill, and yesterday's budget speech spelled more gloom and doom for the state. His rhetoric is dripping with phrases like "flexibility for local governments" and "fiscal responsibility" but the reality is that he's slashing every public service from public education to Medicaid to recycling programs to public transit while giving more tax breaks to big business. If you watched the speech, as I did, you'd think he was some big hero the way all the Republicans gave him standing ovations every 2 minutes (while the Democrats clad in orange t-shirts sat in resolute, polite silence), but if you listen very carefully, you can hear the throngs of people outside the Capitol (who are not allowed inside because of the Dept of Administration's lockdown, despite a judge's restraining order to the contrary) chanting "Shame! Shame! Shame!" and other slogans.

Second, my kids, who have been under the weather off and on for the past month, are both pretty sick this week with ear infections. My main concern, of course, is taking care of them and trying to ease their misery as much as possible, but it's made for some restless nights on the couch with sad, feverish children, lack of sleep in general, and a certain amount of frustration that I can not participate in the protests downtown as I would like to.

To top it all off, the dinner I made last night was such a disgusting, mushy pile of disastrous rice pilaf that none of us could eat it, healthy or not, and I had to toss the whole thing in the trash. I fumed and nibbled on salad while the rest of the family made do with leftover beans and tortillas. I'm not saying every meal I prepare is a stunning culinary success, but I haven't made something so utterly inedible in YEARS. I blame sleep deprivation, my sore back, and general stress and distraction over Wisconsin's politics for the cooking FAIL.

On a totally irrelevant, but more cheerful, note, I got new glasses last week:

You can't see in the picture, but the frames are purple with orange accents. I love them. Stuart's comment: "I'll....get used to those. Eventually."

How about a picture of my little red-headed cutie pie?

All right, then. Sorry about being such a downer here. My next post will be more upbeat, or at least more newsworthy. Promise.


Claire said…
Ooooo, like the glasses! I was just thinking that it's past time for me to get new ones, too.

I'm in some serious denial about our state... and I'm tired of my head spinning about it.
Jessi said…
Love the glasses. And I hope your babies are better soon.
Lurve the glasses! And I'm sorry your tykes are feeling bad. Hope they get well soon!
Anonymous said…
Regarding the bad meal: ever hear of "can't win them all" and "ever hear of statistical variation"? I can remember one from several years ago that I made, based on something "Mr. Food" had on the local news show. Mom sort of picked at it and said I need not consider ever making that one again. I didn't, but about six months ago she tried something sort of similar; it didn't work out very well but was better then my attempt.

In a few years you will remember it, and laugh.

Ear infections. A long time ago we were introduced to that malady. Oh my. They will get better, but sometimes it seems to take forever. And the experience can stretch your patience and endurance.

Glasses? I am sure I will see them in person shortly. And then good or bad, I will try to keep my mouth shut. (I hate the loaded question: "Does this ___ make me look fat?")

Animal said…
God, you look so much like your cuz in those glasses it's downright spooky!
Pam said…
i LOVE your new glasses! And the picture of your cutie pie! :-)

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