Seriously, folks. This is bad. Really, really bad.

The senate Republicans have finally acknowledged that stripping collective bargaining rights from state workers was never about the money. In the absence of the 14 Senate Democrats who are still in Illinois to stall the vote on this awful bill, the Republicans are AT THIS MOMENT in session to pass the collective bargaining provisions as a separate bill. They can do this without quorum because it has no fiscal impact.

I have achieved a new level of fury, of rage. This is not how democracy works. This is not how you treat the working people of your state. This will not stand.

I will be downtown tomorrow, I guarantee. And to those who want to deny public workers their rights, I have this to say: THE LAST THREE WEEKS OF INTENSE, PEACEFUL PROTESTS WAS ONLY THE WARM-UP. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, ARE SPEAKING, WILL CONTINUE TO SPEAK, AND YOU. WILL. LISTEN.


Anonymous said…
This makes me so angry, too, Susan. Keep up the fight. I wish I lived close enough to WI to join the protests there. I fear that this wave of right wing anti-populism will spread through the whole country. So sadly, I might not have to travel to join a protest.
JoyMama said…
Speak it, Sister!

(And thanks for connecting up with Elvis Sightings -- what a joy to realize who "Suze" is!)

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