We did make it to Kentucky after all! We left a day late because Anya needed to see the doctor (good news: she didn't have the flu; bad news: she did have an ear infection), but the trip went smoothly, so I'd say it all worked out. I always lose track of time here, in a good way. My parents are retired, and we cross over one time zone, so we tend to sleep in and laze about. It's nice.

A couple of days ago, it was pretty hot outside, so we had ice cream cones for dessert after lunch. Ice cream cones are best when eaten on the front porch:

Daniel wanted to make a quilt with my mom, so he's been hard at work on that all week. He's been tickled pink to use the sewing machine:

I thought it would be good to get out of the house for a little while, so we spent the afternoon today in Lexington. Mostly, we were downtown at the Explorium, which isn't nearly as big as the Madison Children's Museum, but full of fun stuff anyway. There were lots of giant things, like a giant brain and a giant mouth full of teeth. Anya enclosed herself in a giant bubble:

Daniel enclosed himself in a giant lego wall:

I think Daniel's favorite thing was the model of a river with a dam and lockes and little model boats. He probably spent a whole hour there:

I got the kids to stand still just long enough for one picture at Triangle Park:

We drive back to Wisconsin Easter Sunday, so there is one more day to enjoy here in Kentucky. I think we'll make the most of it.


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