midweek randomness

1. You know what irks me the most about that Time magazine cover of the pretty blonde lady breastfeeding her four-year-old son? That they actually get so much attention for pulling this crap. They're trying to be all edgy and controversial, but really, it's cheap. It's a cheap shot, a cheap cry for attention (which worked, and now I'm blogging it too, so I guess I'm equally guilty) that has resulted in a lot of smug indignation from all sides. Are we having a meaningful conversation now about the challenges of parenthood (motherhood in particular) in America as a result of that photo? No, we are not. So let's move on and start talking about stuff that actually matters. 

2. This article by Kirsten Swinth in the Christian Science Monitor from a few weeks ago (reaction to the Hilary Rosen-Ann Romney "dust-up") is much, much more substantial and thought-provoking than some stupid re-hash of whether attachment parenting is good or bad. Go read it. I'll wait.

3. I've had more accompanying work in the last few weeks, and a couple more gigs coming up. Nothing exciting, nothing that will be in the newspapers or anything, but it feels good to be playing a little more...even if it means I spent an hour this afternoon sight-reading show tunes. It's okay if I'm not doing anything glamorous right now. I am really enjoying what I'm doing.

4. Daniel picked these flowers for me at the park yesterday. He found them growing in a ditch. I think they are beautiful.

5. Lots of warm, sunny weather has inspired me to get some gardening done. Anya and I went yesterday and today to water our community garden plot. I noticed that my snap peas were a few inches shorter today.  Damn bunnies. 


Steph said…
You'd think that word would have gotten around in the bunny posse that the Susan lady is not to be messed with, given that whole bunny-flinging incident last year.

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