piano teacher!

Funny how things work out sometimes. After agonizing about finding Daniel a piano teacher and trying to convince him he'd like to take lessons, I was talking to a friend about it, and she casually mentioned that her daughter's teacher 1) is excellent, 2) lives close by (not quite close enough to walk, but the drive is only a few minutes) and 3) has had some students graduate or move and therefore has openings in her studio. She also mentioned about three other families we know from school with kids who take lessons from this teacher, and they are equally happy with her. I got the teacher's info, sent her an email, and two days later we were in her studio so Daniel could meet her and have a sample lesson. My hope was that if he could actually meet a teacher and see what piano lessons would be like, he would get excited about the idea. And wouldn't you know, it worked! At least, I think it did. She's a fine musician, and also patient, fun, and seems to teach a lot like I do. We're planning to start lessons once school is done in a couple of weeks.


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