five on friday: the anya lexicon

You know how kids say funny things all the time, right? My Anya is no different. Every once in a while she comes up with some hilarious new way of expressing herself. I ought to write them all down, but I don't. Here are five I can remember to share with you:

1. "Mom? Is this the other side of yesterday?"

2. When we were making sandwiches for lunch one day: "Dad, remember I wanted three put-ins. Three! Ham, cheese and mayo. Those are my put-ins."

3. After putting mittens on her hands on a chilly morning: Now I look fall-ess!
Me: Fall-ess??
Anya: Yup, yup, yup. It's fall, and now I look fall-ess!

4. Watching a couple of guys work on the roof next door: "Look at the house-climbers!"

5. This morning, she named her backpack "Poodle-pants".


Anonymous said…
Love it, love it!
katie said…
love these.

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