is it okay to relax now?

Last week I was traveling on Monday, then again Wednesday through Saturday, with Election Day in between. Stress all around! My parents came for the week to help with the kids, for which I am extremely grateful. The performances went very well, though the audiences were rather small (par for the course for guest recitals at small colleges, I'm afraid), there were no airline snafus or travel glitches. No one got sick, though my mom seems to be allergic to our basement; she was sneezing all night. The kids didn't seem to miss me, and I was honestly too busy to get homesick while I was in Kansas.

Also, the election results were obviously a big relief for lefties like me.

My parents left this morning, I just dropped off Anya at 4K, and now I have exactly one hour to myself before I pick up Daniel from school.  One. Whole. Hour. In which I'm trying to get dinner made (I have a meeting tonight, so we have to be ready to eat by 6:00 or I don't get dinner) and catch up on laundry and I probably should be going on a run or looking at some trombone music I agreed to start rehearsing this weekend, but the truth is, I'm spent, exhausted. My brain needs some time to re-charge. I'm so relieved that last week went okay that I'm afraid it's all going to hit the fan this week and I need to be ready for it.

Is that the definition of anxiety? Constantly being worried about the next thing?

Anyway, I'm letting myself sit here with a cup of lukewarm coffee, and I'm trying to enjoy the next 45 minutes (down from that hour previously mentioned) of solitude without feeling guilty about not getting things done for right now.


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