crappy, crappy, crappy week

I am having a really shitty week.

I was coming off a bad week last week anyway, most of it spent at home with a sick Daniel. It happens, of course. Kids get sick sometimes and I wasn't freaking out about it, but then over the weekend Anya got sick (this also happens) and then I did, too, but somehow I remained functional enough to do my volunteer shift at the school carnival and drive a half hour to one of the local high schools to play for a flutist at a regional solo/ensemble competition before coming home and crashing with a bottle of Advil. Mothers don't really get sick days, you know.

Just as she was getting better, Daniel got sick again. And I mean He Got Sick. Really sick. As in, we ended up in the ER Wednesday night to make sure he didn't get alarmingly dehydrated. I'll spare you the gruesome details, but we were there for five hours. At the end of it, Little D was at least a little more comfortable, if a little emptier than when we got there (something I had thought was hardly possible). That day was the worst, though two days later Daniel is still running a fever of 103 and hasn't moved from his place on the couch except to pee just often enough that I don't take him back to the ER.

On top of all that, we have been anxiously awaiting news about my uncle, who has been having some health problems and alarming symptoms of late. Between having sick kids (and being sick myself) and waiting for Uncle T's diagnosis, I've been a ball of worry and distraction. I've had to cancel commitments right and left, and I'm starting to worry the horn player I agreed to accompany will think I'm an irresponsible flake because I've canceled and rescheduled and then canceled rehearsals so many times just this week.

But you know how they call Wednesday "hump day." Just when it felt like things couldn't get worse, as I was sitting in the ER with my poor sick son, waiting and waiting (and knitting - if I didn't have knitting I would completely lose my mind), there was a message from my mom. The news about my uncle is quite encouraging. He's not in for an easy ride, I'm sure, but now there is a diagnosis and course of treatment. Considering that we all feared far, far worse, it's a relief for now.

So I guess, all things being relative, things are looking up. I just hope next week goes a little better.


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